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Kingman Historic Ghost Walks Cast List

Thank you to everyone who came out for auditions. Come to our first rehearsal to get more information about your role in the show this year. We have some fun roles for our effect actors! Please feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Street Tour Guides: Rick Scott, Bob Blake, Jeff Shaw, Amy Jones, Brian Brady, James Michelson

Street Tour Wranglers: Mystee Munro, Katie Burkes, Terrence Banks, Evan Michelson, Adam Michelson

Smoky Joe: Caleb Elias Neumann

Black Jack: Alyx Louise

Hualapai Joe: Hyrum Shurtz

Amos: Baily Mack

Jennie Bauters: Sarah Johnson

Hi Jolly: Dale Herren

Olive Oatman: Caitlyn Spawn

Wailing Woman: Danielle Dahlgren

Effect Actors: Hannah Walsh, Logan Walsh, Noah Walsh, Austin Rhodes, Willow DeHerrera, Aiden Jarvis, Eliziah Herrera, Madison Hect, Mackenzie Hecht, Lorraine Gunnette

Power House Tour Guides: Josh Noble, Dominic Derasse, Matt Lambert

Effect Actors: Abby Noble, Katie Barthlow, Skylar Noble, Keith Kintner, Katie Kintner, Esther Desroisier, Shane Desroisier, Martin Patterson, Payton Wayman