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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

A generous donation has been made to the Beale Street Theater Renovation Project in the form of a matching grant! Angle Homes has agreed to match all donations to the project made between March 27, 2019 and DECEMBER 31, 2019 up to the amount of $100,000. This is an exciting opportunity for us to push this project forward in a big way! We appreciate the extensive altruism of not only Angle Homes but the community for helping Beale Street Theater!

Beale Street Theater greatly appreciates our new Advertising and Photography partnership with Focus Design and Photo! They have been extremely generous donating their full services to Beale Street Theater. We look forward to all the upcoming projects!

Want to Sponsor One of Our Shows?

We are always looking for companies and/or individuals to help sponsor our shows! These sponsorships go directly to covering the cost of our productions which might include our budgets for sets, costumes, royalties, facility fees, etc. When we can cover these costs, we can produce better and better shows for our community! Sponsorships are always tax-deductible!

If you are a company looking to sponsor, we have advertising opportunities to help give back to you for your generosity! Are you an individual that would love to sponsor? We always want to acknowledge anyone willing to help, and we can!

No matter who you are, if you are interested in these opportunities, please contact our Marketing Director, Sky, at [email protected]

We look forward to working with you, and thank you for raising this theater!