SOAR–Student Outreach and Art Renditions

Kingman Center for the Arts is excited to announce more dates and times for our SOAR program. We have partnered with our local MSTEPP organization to help educate our communities children about opioids through this arts-based program. 

Participants get to experience many different forms of art as they learn about opioids, their benefits and potential for addiction. We discuss how art can be used as a coping mechanism for life’s challenges, something that can help us become resilient to unhealthy behaviors. 

Art forms we explore are acting, painting, music, drawing, writing and dance. We also have discussions about support systems, addiction, substance abuse, mental health and more. 

The class is being offered at no cost to participants and is for ages 12-18. We have several upcoming sessions. 

March 28-April 7 at KAOL Middle School, after school

April 11-April 21 at Lee Williams High School, after school

May 2-12t at Wildflower Studios from 4-6pm

Classes run Monday-Thursday for two weeks. You must be a student at the respective schools to attend those sessions but the session at Wildflower Studios is open to all teens. If you would like to participate or have your children participate, email us at [email protected] 

SOAR–Student Outreach and Art Renditions