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2021 Angle Homes Matching Grant

We reached our Goal!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Beale Street Theater Renovation Project! And a big thank you to Angle Homes for the matching funds. This will allow us to get a good start on the project during 2022. We appreciate all of you. See below for a list of donors.

Progress as of December 29, 2021

Business Donors

Individual Donors

Toby Orr, Pat Evans, David & Jamie Stehly, Roger & Joan Jacks, Heidi Lambert, Jason Edwards & Norene Kurtz, Tjiske & Robert Skankey, Paul DeNubilo, Jeanice Nunez, Jan Smith, Nancy & Herb Verville, Marion Brillati, G. Schrader, Karen Andrews, Susan Bethel, Joni Burnham, Carol Park, Erin Roper, Laurie Barthlow, RK & MA Prumers, Kitty Graves Cirulli, Sue Sticka, Linda Miller, Ryan & Rebecca Esplin, Crystal Brown, Barb Touchette, Kathy Wolleson, Nate & Sara Peterson, Keith & Katie Kintner, Deana Nelson, Lori Chambers, Rebecca Southall, Storm Hargrave, Christal Hartley, Jan Elwood, Jayne Cabrilla, John Foster, CM Hartman, Robert & Sally Reynolds, Gretchen & Matt Hecht, Tiffany & Andrew Ochiltree, Lisa & Todd Jackson, Vicky Greening, Mary Barbour, Anthony Santorelli & Diana Lalitsamov, William Ekstrom, Patt French, Ryan Kennedy, Bridget Bedke, Kathy Ortman, Harriot Hecht, Mike & Kari Jo Hill, Jonathan Nelson, Donna & Jim Peterson, Mayor Jen Miles, Raymond & Barbara Jones, Derek & Kelli Hill, Wanda Amann, Jason & Christine Fredriksen, Fred Duncan, Doug & Delphine Brandt, Daniel & Holly Swick, Thomas Leinweber, Dale Herren, Joan and Carl Bullen, Lingenfelter Family, Rick Scott, Fred Duncan, Paula Shuffler, Henry & Stanellen Larsen, Sarah Johnson, Glenda Erwin, Lora Cano, Sophia Stucki, Danae Edwards, Lynda Thompson, Mary Reiman, Claire Crum, Jan & Jim Curran, Del Hanks, Jeff & Sheri Shaw, Cindy Vawter, Pamela Johnson, Marion Brillati.


  1. How much has been raised so far and where is it? Kingman Center for the Arts has been raising money for this renovation since our inception in 2016. Below is an accounting of our capital campaign activity from that time. The theater mortgage and administrative expenses for the project are paid out of event ticket sales. For a full report, contact our executive director.

2. Who owns the theater? Kingman Center for the Arts owns the Beale Street Theater. We purchased it from the Peterson Family in 2018. KCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so all donations are tax deductible. Our EIN is 81-2229879.

3. Who is doing the renovation work? Michael Taylor is the architect and Stages is our staging consultant. T. R. Orr is teaming up with Angle Homes to handle the general contracting on the project. The project is currently out for bids.

4. What are the plans for the finished theater? The finished theater will be a community performing arts venue for the city of Kingman. It will be a multi-use venue. We will produce a season of live community theater shows and host other community led productions, present a variety of professional entertainers, including musicians, professional theater groups, film festivals, and classic cinema and be available for rent to private users for meetings and private events.

The Beale Street Theater Designs

The Exterior of the building will retain historic styling; to be enhanced with a new Marquee, extended overhangs, and a new ticket window.
The welcoming Lobby features a vaulted opening with a stairway to the second floor Founder’s Lounge, polished concrete floors, and warm wood accents.
The multipurpose Theater interior features exposed original rafters under the curved ceiling, permanent seating for 298, and a removable front stage section that, when removed, adds space for another 50 seats. An Italian curtain completes the stage, and state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology will enhance performances. The theater can also be used for screening movies.
Historic State Theater in Kingman, AZ
Historic picture of the current theater.

Live Theater, Classic Cinema, Concerts and Recitals!

The Beale Street Theater renovation project is being overseen by Kingman Center for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Kingman. Click here to find out more about us.

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